Robert Kinloch

The Harcourt Fund Scholarship provided me with the necessary financial help for me to be able to come to TCNJ. If it weren't for the scholarship, none of my college successes would have ever come to fruition. When I came to TCNJ they actually accepted me as a 9th scholar, which is something that had never happened before. Every day I am thankful for the opportunity that the Jovanovich family gave me. 

Major and Eventual Career Field
Elementary Education and Sociology, Elementary School Teacher / Guidance Counselor

TCNJ Student Government Class President (Freshman Sophomore Junior Year)
The First TCNJ (Member for 2 years, VP Sophomore Year)
Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity (Initiated Spring 14, President of the 2015 Calander Year)

Significant Accomplishments
TCNJ Greek Man of The Year 2015
Phi Alpha Delta Brother of the Year 2015
TCNJ Emerging Leader of the Year Award Finalist 2014