Guiding Principles for Student Success


Principle 1

We collaborate with our colleges to provide an array of remedial services that enable our students to thrive in an academic setting. Harcourt Scholars come from some of the lowest performing high schools in the metropolitan New York area. Understanding how unprepared many of these students are for rigorous college education, notwithstanding the fact they received B's and higher in high school, we work with the colleges to ensure there is a strong support system of advisors and tutors. 

Principle 2

We insist on a four-year track to graduation. It is our experience that the greater the number of years a student spends as an undergraduate, the less likely he or she is to graduate. Nationwide, only 20 percent of students graduate in four years, but close to 90 percent of Harcourt scholars do. The Foundation is sensitive to the fact that the path is ambitious and will be challenging for many, but we believe that discipline and focus are good lifelong skills to possess. 

Principle 3

The Harcourt Foundation only continues to provide scholarships to scholars making adequate progress towards graduation in their major. Twice a year, the president, often accompanied by one or more board members, meets with each student individually. We review their grades, commend them on their achievements, and discuss strategies for improvement as needed.